Committed with Heart and Soul

A Heart’s Desire was Fulfilled

The company founder Lara Schurter is tirelessly engaged to discover high-class products and trends in the world of cosmetics and accessories. Only when the high demands are fulfilled, they will be incorporated in the green lane -assortment. The best products, which were made out of natural ingredients* and which fulfill the high ethical standards**, can surpass this hurdle. For the apprenticed businesswoman and beautician green lane is the fulfillment of a heart’s desire: To offer the best natural beauty products for people, who have high demands on quality, sustainability and lifestyle.


The Family Business

green lane is a little family business. Besides Lara Schurter as manager, her dear family contributes by working for the business. They are the diligent helpers in the background and deserve special thanks for that the uniquely and caringly packed products arrive in time at the customer.  On top of that she can rely on valuable tips and support from friends and acquaintances.


The Customer as Main Focus

Lara Schurter takes it to heart to be in contact with her customers. She is happily open for questions, suggestions and wishes and tries to fulfill them whenever possible.



*neither contain paraffins, preservatives nor artificial aromatic substances and were produced without animal testing.

**supports charitable projects, preserves old traditions/recipes, etc.